CNA School of Longview (WA) - Health Education Center
What you will need:


  •  Brown or Black scrub top and pants (Available at Walmart,   Vancouver, or online)


  • Blood pressure cuff & stethoscope for practice at home

  • Gait or transfer belt 

  •  Watch, with a second hand

  • Fees for state test and certification

  • Computer access with internet

  • Access to a printer


Before you can start class:

  • You will need to meet the instructor in person and take an admission test - $85 registration fee due at this time. A $100 tuition deposit is also due when enrolling in the class, unless 1 week or less before start of class, then 1/2 tuition due, with registration fee and cost of books.

  • A post-dated check for the tuition balance will also be due before class starts, but will not be deposited until the last day of the classroom portion of the training, or about 1 month after class start date.


  • You must be able to demonstrate that you can speak, read, and write in English, and perform simple math calculations.


  • Short-term payment plan is available for tuition, as described above...speak with instructor about option when inquiring about class, or look online in this website.

Before you can go to clinical....
You will need:

  • A current CPR card with hands-on training 

  • A current TB test and negative result (within the last 6 months will be fine). If your test is positive, an x-ray will be required to prove there is no active TB infection. We can administer this test, if you don't have a doctor.


  • To pass a Washington State Patrol Background Check

        a. The clinical facility may require their own background check, too.
There is a page on this website that lists offenses that prevent someone from working with vulnerable adults such as residents of a long-term care center. Take a look at that page before you apply, if you have had legal issues in the past. If your offense is not on that page, then you  are OK to apply for the program. If you still have any questions, we will direct you to the appropriate department that can provide answers.

There is no "required" age limitation for taking this class. People under the age of 18 or without a high school diploma may participate. Please understand that any facility that you apply to for employment, may require a high school diploma or having reached the age of 18. There are no guarantees of job placement from this program. We can, however,  give job referrals, if they are available.

Number of class hours:
Approximately 60 hours of in-class time (includes at least 16 hours of lab skills practice).

Approximately 50 hours of clinical time (including time in a skilled nursing facility)
Please visit the "Contact Us" page and leave YOUR contact info and a message telling us of your interest in the class. If you have questions, we will get back to you with answers.

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