CNA School of Longview (WA) - Health Education Center
State-approved program for Certified Home Care Aides!

We are offering an alternative bridge program for Certified Home Care Aides. Take an additional 24 hours of instruction here at our school.

We prepare  you to sit for your nursing assistant state certification exam.

Please be aware that this is an accelerated version of the CNA class. You will have 4 days only to learn all the skills (hopefully you are well acquainted with most of them, from your previous education). Once class is paid for, you will receive study materials which will help you learn the information and care skills that you will need for passing the state exam.

You will be expected to:

* Read the book and complete the workbook prior to the first day of class. This means it would be good to register early. 

* You will also need to preview the skills videos prior to coming to class. You will be given online access to our e-learning portal once you register and pay for the class.

*If you need your HIV certificate, you will need to make the time to watch these on our e-learning portal, as well, and have the test completed prior to the last day of class.

* Pass two classroom tests of knowledge and come in to practice skills at least twice in the week in between the week end class dates.

* Achieve enough points to pass the class by 75% on all tests and requirements.

Those requirements are:

a. Completion of workbook
b. Performing skills appropriately for instructor.
c. Taking and passing 2 in-class knowledge tests (written).
d. Complete the HIV test and score at least 75%

To enter this program you must have:

1.  A current CPR card.

2.  Computer/internet access and be willing to study for your 7 hours of HIV training. This is to be done at home, using our resources. 

3. Your certification from the Washington State Department of Health as a Home Care Aide.

Registration fee: $45

Tuition: $ 325

Textbook & Workbook: $ 45

HIV training ( if no prior certificate): $45

Transfer belt: $ 11 (available through school if needed)

Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope: $27 (Available through school, if needed)

Tuition includes

  •   Instruction

  •   Use of all equipment 

  •   Access to online class resources

  •   The opportunity to take your state test here at     the school
  •   After-program instructional support:

       1. Help with test registration & certification.
       2. Use of practice lab for skill practice until              the date of your test.

Class dates:

July 14, 15, 21, 22, 2018 - 9 - 3:30 pm

*Class may be cancelled if minimum enrollment not met. All money will be refunded if this happens.

Call today with questions and to let us know of your interest in joining our class!!


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